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GREEN MACHINE V2 "Lefty" #008


Green Machine is a point to point take on the Germanium Fuzz Face, with a few modifications. Controls from left to right are - Gate, Bias, and Volume.

I'm calling this one Lefty, for those left handed players, haha. Seriously though, I just wanted to make one with controls going opposite that is unique to the others. A little verity never hurt.

VOLUME is output level control and a battery bypass switch. When turned all the way counter clockwise, the battery is disconnected from the circuit. Very handy when operating with just the internal 9v battery to save battery life. BIAS changes the character of the fuzz and also helps dial in a great tone with low battery, or when it gets too hot. The GATE toggle switch tweaks the feedback network and caused the fuzz to gate and glitch. This will be most noticeable when the bias control is clockwise past half rotation.

The Green Machine has no fuzz control and is set to full gain. Just roll back your guitar volume for low gain and fuzz clean up.

Driving this fuzz is a pair of germanium TG5S, Polish transistors from the 70's. I auditioned and selected a pair that have low noise and sound massive.

I have added a 9v DC jack wired to work with standard center negative power supplies. When using the DC jack, DO NOT daisy chain this pedal with NON-ISOLATED power supplies. This pedal is a positive ground circuit and can cause damage to non-isolated power supplies. Good quality isolated power supplies similar to the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus will work without issues.

Optional Knob Colors:
Chose between grey or cream colored knobs. Both with silver top caps. **Please email me with your knob color preference. There is a contact link at the top of the page.**

- TG5S germanium transistors
- Sprague, Roederstein, and GE capacitors
- Carbon comp 1/2 and 1/4 watt resistors
- Point to point construction
- Alpha potentiometers
- Switchcraft jacks
- Carling toggle switch
- Lumberg DC jack - Plugging an external power plug into the DC jack will bypass the internal battery.
- Gørva Design foot switch
- Optional grey and silver or cream and silver knobs
- Deep Space Sparkle powder coated enclosure

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