Handmade Effects - Est. 2006
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The TONE SLAYER is a two-stage fuzz and boost rock machine. This bad boy is not pedal board friendly and not for the fuzz faint of heart. Under the hood are two custom point to point vintage circuit designs built with all premium components and hardware.

FIRST STAGE is based on the V828 Italian Tonebender, powered by a matched pair of vintage RCA 2N1304 transistors. Soldered point to point on a custom clear acrylic eyelet board.

The Fuzz is controlled by Level (volume) and Attack (fuzz) knobs with the additional transistor Bias control knob. The bias control sets the voltage to the second transistor which then affects the character of the fuzz, spanning from articulate and dynamic to darker with a little compression and light gating. The Level knob is dual function with a power on/off switch that bypasses power to the circuit when turned fully counterclockwise. This is a very helpful and convenient way to save battery power when not in use. Connecting a power supply via the DC jack and a barrel plug connector also bypasses the internal battery and will preserve battery life.

SECOND STAGE is based on the Rangemaster Treble Boost, powered by a vintage mil spec CV7112 (OC140) transistor. Soldered point to point on tag strip.

The Treble Boost is controlled by a traditional single gain knob with an additional input tone cap toggle switch that selects three different flavors ranging from the classic treble boost, mid-range boost, and a full range boost with added low end.

All transistors are NPN which means this pedal will work daisy chained with any standard center negative pedals and power supplies. The Tone Slayer can be powered by 9v battery or external power supply via the DC power jack on the rear of the pedal.

The enclosure is a XL Hammond slant wedge, measuring at 4.5" x 10"

If you want to slay your tone, this is the pedal for you!


- 2x RCA 2N1304
- 1x mil-spec CV7112 (OC140)
- Premium capacitors
- Premium 1/2 watt carbon comp and metal film resistors.
- Alpha potentiometers
- Volume pot with SPST on/off switch
- Premium Davies and RCA style knobs
- Dail plate that goes to eleven!
- Carling jacks and toggle switch
- 2x Gørva Design foot switches
- 2x LED indicators
- 24 AWG shielded coax wire.
- Rubber no-slip feet
- Hammond XL slant wedge - hand painted in grey hammered finish.