Handmade Effects - Est. 2006
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BP-3 #010


The BP-3 is based on the Harmonic Percolator. The turret board design is my original v2 layout with improved power filtering and reverse polarity protection. The BP-3 also comes with three different clipping modes for more tonal possibilities - germanium, silicon, and diode lift.

The BP-3 is technically a fuzz, but it can also sound like a warm distortion, or even sparkly boost. Left knob is HARMONICS - this adjusts the amount of input gain driving the transistors, increasing the amount of fuzz as you turn it up. Right knob is BALANCE - this adjusts the volume output.

The BP-3 has three modes of operation - Silicon clipping, germanium clipping, and diode lift.

TOGGLE UP engages a pair of silicon Avalanche Sinterglass diodes. Articulate with a beautiful crunch.

TOGGLE DOWN engages a pair of germanium D9K diodes. Warm clipping with a nice fatness in the lower frequencies.

TOGGLE MIDDLE removes all diodes from the circuit. This increases volume and dynamics. Lift mode can also be a really good sounding boost. Turn the Harmonics (gain) knob all the way counter clockwise and then clockwise just until you hear signal. Then adjust the Balance (volume) to taste.


- 1x Soviet MP21D (Q1)
- 1x Micro Electronics 2N3565 (Q2)
- 2x D9K Ge clipping diodes
- 2x Avalanche Sinterglass Si clipping diodes
- NOS capacitors
- 1/2 Watt metal film resistors
- Carling toggle switch
- Alpha potentiometers
- Switchcraft 1/4" jacks
- Lumberg DC jack - 9v center negative
- Premium machined aluminum knobs
- Fender style lamp jewel power indicator - Violet
- GØRVA Design true bypass foot switch
- GØRVA Design S90 enclosure - purple and green, depending on the angle

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